[Track] Circuit de La Sarthe v1.3 by YETIsaj

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[Track] Circuit de La Sarthe v1.3 by YETIsaj

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rFactor | Circuit de La Sarthe v1.3 by YETIsaj

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v1.3 changelog.........
*Rebuilt whole back straight section between Mulsanne & Indianapolis
*Completely rebuilt right hand entrance to Indianapolis including runoff area.
*All road sections have increased poly-count in some areas with lots of new bumps and camber (crank up the FFB for this one on the mulsanne)
*Track sections have new bumps to make them feel and look more realistic.
*Whole circuit looks less smooth and less fake.
*2013 Michelin Tower Added (will eventually add a changing screen)
*Various Banners updated to 2013 (still more to do)
*More trees added to back sections of the circuit
*AIW by Ilu2404 implemented
*Various tweaks and additions

v1.2 changelog.........
* Final version of Restaurant du Welcome Bar & Pavillion added at end of pitlane (however, it still needs glass and shaders adding).
* Temporary version of Big Wheel added at Ford Chicane.
* All blue and white corner markers added to circuit (please let me know if I’ve missed any).
* Small red corner markers added to parts of the circuit (once again let me know if I’ve missed any).
* Various race affiliated lighting poles added, including traffic lights, start lights, LED flag boards etc.
* Other small signs added to various parts of the track.
* Various trackside detailing on approach to second Mulsanne Chicane eg. trees & fencing.
* Added “FIA ROAD SAFETY” banner at Ford Chicane.
* Various landscaping additions.
* New LOD screen.

v1.1 changelog.........
* AIW fix for v1.0 added to v1.1
* Overall grip level increased by 0.02
* All the yellow "baton" like bump strips lowered and made less aggressive.
* Tertre Rouge rebuilt with a smoother runoff area and less aggressive kerbing, I have widened the track very slightly around the apex.
* The hump before Mulsanne Corner has been lowered very slightly and the downward slope made more gradual
* The first right hander at Indianapolis has been made a bit smoother so it throws the car around less and the kerbing made less aggressive.
* The banking at Porsche Curves (1st right hander & righthanded Karting Curve) have had the inside camber angle decreased to cause less grip through these corners.
* Bugatti layout added to model (although no AIW and option to race on it yet)
* Basic landscaping started around Bugatti Circuit

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DOWNLOAD MOD Circuit de La Sarthe v1.3 by YETIsaj (150 Mb)
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