[Mod] GTPC v1.0 by Virtua_LM Junior Team

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[Mod] GTPC v1.0 by Virtua_LM Junior Team

Messaggioda Simone » 24 dicembre 2014, 12:12

rFactor | GTPC v1.0 by Virtua_LM Junior Team

MEDIA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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INFO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Most Spectacular Sports Cars have finally returned to your Computer.

Finally is absolutely the right word. We are the first to say it took us a very, VERY long time to build.
Personally we see it as a great victory of endurance that we where able to push on for such a long time.
It was sometimes hard to keep working on this and just because we as friends helped each other we made it.

Following are the artists who created this beast.

Ady964 (painting)
Amax (archive)
Andrea Stefanoni (car modelling)
Darky (painting)
Discocandy (painting, PR)
Dom[GER] (car modelling)
GreyMatter (car modelling)
HarryCS (car modelling, painting)
Puppeteer (car modelling)
Swiss Hutless (car modelling + physics, painting )
Thinlane T (sounds)
Vassaldfada (sounds)
Vince Klortho (R&D)
Vivemclaren (car modelling)
Zulu (painting)

Now prepare to be transported back in time and relive the overwhelming sound and fury of racing cars from 1976 to 1988,
showcased in unprecedented detail. There are 58 cars, 514 liveries, and a custom UI.
Never before has a collaboration of artists and engineers come together to produce such an encapsulating mod for rFactor1.
All cars are modelled to look identical to their real life variants. The Porsche 956, Lancia LC-2, and Jaguar XJR-5
where reworked from the F1C models and all other models created from scratch.
Textures were made with the help of thousands of images and videos, and lots of discussions on forums.
Sounds were taken from samples of the real cars where possible. Physics were made and tuned from real data and information from mechanics
and drivers of the actual cars. Some of these cars are hard to drive fast. Some are very easy.
We tried to use the tire info from the period and not from cars that drive today (which would have made things way more easy.)
Because of the immense size of this mod, we decided to split the mod up in three parts. There are NO tracks in this mod.
AI training is done for tracks Virtua_LM created and that helps the AI be more responsive, drive better lines, and not stop suddenly.
Please read the readme file carefully. It holds some hints into making the driving experience more fun.

We did it people.. FINALLY!!!

DOWNLOAD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
DOWNLOAD GTPC v1.0 by Virtua_LM Junior Team (1,77 Gb)
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Re: GTPC v1.0 by Virtua_LM Junior Team

Messaggioda giangis » 24 dicembre 2014, 16:20

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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Re: GTPC v1.0 by Virtua_LM Junior Team

Messaggioda Guglya » 24 dicembre 2014, 22:01

:kiss: :dull: :tongueout: .. adess ch'è pronta noi si switccia ??? già in dwld .... Con questa Mod organizziamo le esequie di rF1!?! al Park ?? :rain1: :rain1: :rain1:
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