[WIP] Live Timing for rF2 by VorteX-Motorsports

[WIP] Live Timing for rF2 by VorteX-Motorsports

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VoretX-Motorsports ha annunciato sul forum ISI, il supporto del loro tools di Live Timing anche per rFactor 2.
Attualmente è in fase BETA e non è ancora possibile utilizzarlo ma potete già vederne un'anteprima cliccando
sui link che trovate nella descrizione qui di seguito:

"Hi there,

I would like to present a rework of our Live Timing tool for rFactor2.


The whole system is based on PHP, Apache and MySQL. The major focus will be for Endurance Racing Mods, but Series Racing won't be a problem as well. The programming is pretty much straight forward, so League Admins with a little knowledge in APM-Environments won't have a problem to customize it for their needs.

- Plugin to store the current scoring in an XML file
- Loader to grep the data and place it into the db
- Monitor to show the overall standings
- Viewer adjustable Refresh Rate
- Row Highlight ( see column High ) to compare Team Driver to opponent
- Hotlap list ( [Hotlaps] link in Extras )
- Session Laps list ( click on a lap number link in column Laps )
- Marquee ( http://ftgx.dyndns.org/vmliveview2/marquee.php )

Minor problems detected so far:
- Under the "rFactor2 Mod Mode.exe" sometimes the "InPits" status isn't updated correctly. Haven't detected it so far for "rFactor2.exe". Can't tell for the "rFactor2 Dedicated.exe" cause I have to wait until the scoring updates for AI has been fixed for the next release of rF2 beta.

- "DarkClouds" and "Wind" updating doesn't seem to work at all. Are those data linked to telemetry outputs?

Keep in mind that this instance is currently running on my dev system. So the upload line is rather poor and the system is not available 24/7 in case the links are not working.


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