[WIP] Nordschleife by German Modding Team

[WIP] Nordschleife by German Modding Team

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Il German Modding Team è al lavoro per convertire il mitico Ring da rFactor a rFactor2
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Re: Nordschleife by German Modding Team

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Re: Nordschleife by German Modding Team

Messaggioda MRK37 » 29 luglio 2013, 17:55

rFactor2 | Nordschleife by German Modding Team: video Onboard!

First video preview for the upcoming VLN Nordschleife for rFactor2 by GMT.
In this video you see an onboard lap with the Renault Clio with some AIs.

Visit the GMT Facebook:

known bugs/issues:
- no realroad
- safety car on start/finish straight
- Renault Clios knock over at Karussell. (It's a bug of the Renault Clio itself)

About my setup:
CPU - Intel Core i5-4670k @4x4,2 Ghz
RAM - D3 8GB 2133-11 RipjawsX K2 G.Skill
GPU - Asus GTX 670 Direct CU II 2GB
Case - Thermaltake Overseer
HDD ext - Western Digital 1,5 TB
Screen - 24" 16:10 (for shooter)
Screen - 32" 16:9 (for racing)
Camcorder - Panasonic HDC-SD100
DSLR - Canon EOS 7D
Wheel - Logitech G27
Pedals - Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
Playseat - RaceRoom RR1000 incl equipment
Mouse - Roccat Kone[+]
Keyboard - Corsair Vengeance K60
Headset - Logitech G35 (with cable)
Sound System - Logitech X-530 5.1
Mainboard - MSI Z86-G43

Facebook Gaming:

Facebook Photography:
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Re: Nordschleife by German Modding Team

Messaggioda MRK37 » 30 luglio 2013, 17:03

rFactor2 | Nordschleife by German Modding Team: conversione bloccata sa Simbin

La conversione della mitica Nordschleife del Team GMT è stata bloccata su richiesta dei Simbin. A seguire le motivazioni e una linea guida per le future conversioni. :dull:

s you may have read else where, we have requested certain mod teams to hold off and stop work on their projects. This is not something we decided in the spur of the moment, we have been doing this on occasion in the past.

We do feel the need to do this more actively since it has become clear that condoning cross game/platform conversions with a CD-Check has proven to be easily circumvented and therefor rendered useless as a solution. Another concerning trend is that more and more often on popular forums it is acceptable to release these cross platform conversions without checks. And on the other hand forums that respect the written and unwritten rules are having a difficult time maintaining the peace.

Everyday new people come into our corner of the gaming universe, where they can easily find sites with downloads (with or mostly without cd check) and start playing these “mods”, having no idea where that content comes from, which in our opinion is bad path to walk on…….This does not only affect us, but every development studio in our sim-racing corner.

Having discussed this with members of our dev team we decided to write an open “note” to the community and developers, explaining why we do what we do, in the hope we can get the ball rolling on running a clean community when it comes down to “illegal” mods.

As always your thoughts and comments are welcome!

Best regards,

Jay Ekkel

Licensing Manager – SimBin Studios
An open note from SimBin to the sim-racing modding community:

Hello Community members,

At SimBin we are always very enthusiastic when we see new mods arrive for our games or for other games. In the last few months we have seen some very talented people picking up on new game arrivals like rF2 & AC and are starting to produce some stellar looking content for their mods. And as many of you, we all drive a wide range of (sim) racing games and we are always on the look out for that one mod or that one track update for a game.

Modding is where quite a few of our developers have their roots and they still enjoy a side project every now and then! For us modding is improving existing content from an original game, or building something spectacular from the ground up.

But more and more often we start to see a new way of “modding”

Cross game/platform conversions

Original content from SimBin games like GTR, GTR2 and the RACE series is finding its way to games like rFactor, rFactor2 and maybe in the future to games like pCars and Assetto Corsa. We have had a long period where we condoned these mods when a DVD check was used, so people could be authenticated to owning the content. Sadly enough this method has been proven very easy to circumvent.

We therefore call out to you, the modding community to stop converting original game content from a SimBin game to any other platform. Or the other way around!! And let us all agree on a golden rule that original content from any game, stays within that game. If you feel like modding original content, keep it within the game it was build for or at minimum the same developer atmosphere.

We would like to try and make a stop to these conversions as they do not belong in any other game than their own.

We therefore ask you to look up at the many great talents in our community that create new cars and tracks from the ground up, these people put a great amount of time and effort into their work, that can only be praised. We believe that is where the skill is, that is where respect is earned. There are many talented people around that can create content for many years to come, and if you cant wait for that one bit of content you really want. Start your own project, its a great skill to have and who knows where it might bring you in the future!

We hope that this call to stop these conversions is picked up by the community leaders and owners, league owners and other developers to run a tight ship in their neighbourhood.

- No more cross game conversion, including conversion with a DVD check

- Upgrading and modifying existing game files in the original game is allowed

- Converting content from older SimBin games, to newer SimBin games is allowed and vice versa, but only with the DVD check.

- Converting content from a SimBin game to any other game not produced by SimBin is not allowed

- Converting content from any game any other competitive game should not be allowed

- Creating new content from the ground up will be praised

Lets maintain a clean community!

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome in the comments!

Best regards,

The SimBin Dev Team
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Re: Nordschleife by German Modding Team

Messaggioda Simone » 30 luglio 2013, 17:06

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