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Messaggioda Simone » 20 gennaio 2015, 11:46

rFactor2 | Nordschleife Tourist by DJC & Tosch: Rilasciata 24 Hour Nürburgring (Test version)

Sorry for length of time and lack of posts, I've been doing this while doing a full time job.
This version is a beta test version to get your feedback before we release version 2.0. These things could be anything from force feedback to performance issues etc.

A big thank you to mianiak for permission to use his GP track. Would not have been even possible without it. I managed to fit it without too much problem.
The download does not include any other layout, so for now hold on to your Tourist 1.81 version if you still wish to drive that layout. Don't worry, in future versions we will add this layout back in.

It has not been easy, we did bump into a few problems along the way. One problem we found straight away on the GP part is with Z-flickering, where objects like ad boards would flicker in and out of the surface they are attached to. We found the problem is greater with objects further away from centre of the track 0,0,0. In the case of the GP track it's 4km's from this point where Z-flickering is at it's worst. So a lot of time was used up, me moving objects away from each other or even in some cases just deleting the problem object. I even had to hollow out the bridge that crosses the start finish line as it was flashing the in sides of it in and out, was not nice looking. The problem is still there but a lot lot better than it was. You will thank me greatly if you saw how it looked before.

A lot of work was done with the vis-groups removing objects at lower track detail levels, so if you can not run track at full track detail level try lower settings, that should hope bring you some extra performance. Would be interested to know whether people with just 1meg video cards can run track, and like to know if you have to lower texture detail to get track loaded. Remember it's 2 tracks in one.

Tosch did some extensive texture recolouring and replacements. Think he did the road like 3 times now, changing stuff like material settings, spec maps and all that nice shiny stuff we all like to see when the sun is low . Big changes to grass on both the GP and Nords track. modified armcos. I'm very happy what he has done.
Tosch bought 3dsimEd3 and set himself a mission to reduced the height of the last of the stone kerbs on the Nords part of the track. All a lot better now. Believe me, that was no small task he did there. He joked “1 million mouse clicks later”

I had to change mianiak GP track to match the 24 hour layout, changing the 1st few corners and making big change to the NGK chicane. Needed to also modify the pit entrance as with this track you pit from the front not from the back. I swapped out a good number of trees and replaced them with Pleclairs on the GP part.
Happy to say, Tosch did his magic on making all the AI way paths, this includes a left, right path and block path. Special paths were also made for 370z and Clio cars. 100+ garage and grid spaces, 40 pit boxes. He also updated the road side TV cameras with the GP layout.
See picture here the route to follow to start a timed lap without having to do a full lap of the Nords track. You need to do lap of GP track first...
Immagine Immagine

We did try make the AI follow this route too but bumped into a few issues so AI have to do full lap of full track before their timed laps start, but no biggie.
Don't be tempted to use pitlane for shortcut, it will not work.

I'll update 1st post later when I have time.

Full change log click->HERE

DOWNLOAD 24H Layout v1.99 (561 Mb) 25/12/14

Again, a lot of work was put into it, hope you all enjoy

Happy Christmas all, happy playing.

DJC and Tosch

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Re: Nordschleife v2.01 by DJC & Tosch

Messaggioda Simone » 16 febbraio 2015, 17:20

rFactor2 | Rilasciata versione 2.01

– New VLN layout AIW file. Pit extension, left right path, fast path, and block path. Adjusted the corridors and some slow down points (under the bridge at tourist start for instance). Tested a lot of cars and most of them make the lap without a crash.
– Re-enabled the reflection mapper for glass windows for GP buildings. Before we had to disable them from Mianiak’s GP track as they were conflicting with the Cube-maps on the main Nords track. Guardrails were bleached out white etc. The problem is that the live cube map is much brighter than the default map. After lot of trial and error found way to have both work at same time.
– Fixed problem with Shadows. We had problems where the shadows didn’t start at the base of the guardrail especially in cockpit view. There was a gap of 20-30 cm (with low sun elevation) and it looked like the object hovers above the ground. The solution was pretty simple. I removed the “shadow caster” setting in the scn file from the skyboxi (panorama) and under-shadow instance (both huge objects) and the shadow “precision” was back to normal.
– New HDR profiles for all layouts. Modified some settings with very low direct and ambient light to compensate very high auto exposure. No more issues with too bright cockpit views and reflection maps. Better colours.
– New material settings for fuelling rigs + tweaked texture
– Removed negative lod bias of some fences (less flickering from the specular reflection).
– Fixed some inverted normal map
– Modified tree textures, especially spec maps. New material settings
– Made further colour adjustments to Autumn coloured trees.
– Modified the terrain at bridges antoniusbuche, aremburg
– Extensive changes to Forest cover texturing, alpha blending.
– Reworked all grass materials.
– Made some more shadow casters for both GP track and Nords.
– Made changes to the road textures. Rotated the multi-, spec- and bump-map by 90 degrees.
– Fine tuned a lot of TV cameras.
– New cam group (static wide fov cams)
– New VLN loading screens + spinner pics.
– Real road preset (medium_rubber) for each layout

- New Layout VLN, using Toschs Autumn coloured trees.
– Made tyre barriers and fencing all correct to match new VLN layout. A lot of the work was already done in our previous version but temporally disabled until now. I also used some objects from Mianiak’s Nuerburg DTM layout for VLN, so this was quiet easy.
– Added Cones in all the right places for new layout.
– Added brake markers into correct places to suit new VLN corners.
– Fixed Tyre barriers in Mercedes area, some were floating above track showing gaps.
– Added flashes of orange colour to ends of them like videos I saw on YouTube.
– Added track side Marshals back in for VLN new parts.
– Added few more night flares to GP track
– Many edits on VLN scn file. Removed many objects West side of track that are not seen.
– Thinned out spectators on the GP part of track. Reviewed many videos of VLN races found there are not that many spectators in the GP part compared to the 24hour event. Most grandstands are empty. Even less in practice session almost none. Gives the track a somewhat track day feel about it.
– Removed, changed or added some Ad banners.
– More F-fighting fixes
– Spaced out ‘Fast rolling start’ grid for 24H layout.
– Added back both Summer and Autumn Tourist layouts.
– For Tourist layouts saved as much resources as possible by removing many GP track objects not seen from Tourist track.
– Removed 24 hour spectators and tents from Tourist layouts.
– Added 3D animated starter flag man to start tower, also moved start tower closer to track. Before it was some what hidden behind trees.
– Small lod changes and other things.

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Re: Nordschleife v2.01 by DJC & Tosch

Messaggioda Guglya » 17 febbraio 2015, 0:41

WoW !!!! :clapping: :bow: :nyan:
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