[Track] Sebring v2.00 by Virtual_LM

[Track] Sebring v2.00 by Virtual_LM

Messaggioda Simone » 30 luglio 2012, 10:01

rFactor2 | Sebring v2.00 by Virtual_LM

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•03.19.2011 – v1.00: rFactor
•06.27.2011 – v1.00: GTR2 version
•08.07.2011 – v1.00: GT-Legends/Race 07 versions
•10.09.2011 – v1.01: GT-Legends AIW update
•07.29.2012 – v1.90: rFactor 2 – Beta 1
•04.05.2015 – V2.00: rFactor 2 – Build 946

Amax (archive), Chris (car modelling), Dave_3D (car modelling), DerDumeKlemmer (conversion), Discocandy (painting), Ethone (track modelling), Etone (archive), emac (IT and webmaster), F1Driver (painting), Gmilno (AIW), HarryCS (car modelling), JazzDevil (car modelling), Markus Nissa (car modelling & painting), Monsum (track modelling), Nugit (car modelling and tools), Racer-BR (painting), Swiss Hutless (car modelling), Sylvain (track modelling), T-Spark (painting), Tato (painting), Vassalfada (sounds), Vince Klortho (R&D), Zulu (painting).

Our thoughts also go to our long term friends who built Virtua_LM history: Aprimatic, Burger4man, Danilo, Eden7c, Eclipsee, Joe Bar Team, King Of The Ring, Padajacaba, Revsect, Trumpf.

Beta testers
Arnold Wong, Batman, BSNismo, Bullitt, Christ, David Wright, Desmo, Digitt, DrGroove, Elio75, Elwood, emac, Eric.Bugs, F1Racer, Firefox, gadjo, Greeze, Greybrad, Grietick, Grincheux, Gundam, JBMASS, Kakushi, Kalaan, Khyn, Menro, mianiak, Mika Hirvonen, MilleFeuilles21, MotorFX, Moucham, Mullog, Niko, Nikolovic, Otaugames, Pete Walsh, Punko353, Raegon, Roswell, sg72, Spacekid, SpeedFr, Sticky-Fingers, Sulky, Taz, TheLonely, TheNewBob, Tmsi68, Valgone, Vevex, Yoss.
Special thanks go to….

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) …for providing us with great modding platforms for so many years.
emac …for hosting our forums and for his kindness and honesty in our everyday virtual life.
Our testing team …for their valuable help in the last moments preceding the release.
Our families …, who shared and endured this strange passion during those last years.
Our loyal fans.

Terms and conditions
•Conversion or modification of any of this package’s contents is strictly prohibited, whatever the destination platform.
•Usage of some textures can be granted according to the conditions described inside the Virtua_LM disclaimer written on our website.
•In a more general way, the restrictions of use applied to this package are described inside the disclaimer section of
the Virtua_LM website. Any additional question can be asked (in a polite way) on our forums.

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Re: Sebring v2.00 by Virtual_LM

Messaggioda Simone » 16 aprile 2015, 16:14

Rilasciata versione 2.00


The actual (newer) RealRoad shader is applied
Curbs are also RealRoad
Nightlights on the track side objects are back working
A lot of changes on the materials and textures
The overall brightness of the track is reduced to match the current version of rFactor 2
AIW (AI-Driver): some smaller fixes
GDB (Time and Position): some smaller fixes
A kind of solid “cut detection” in the part between 15 (Gendebien) and 16 (Le Mans)
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