Toban by ISI

Toban by ISI

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It is always a bit of a bittersweet moment, when a track is wrapped up and attention is shifted to the next item, but it’s time to let this track go and have everyone enjoy Toban Raceway Park!


Over the years, Toban has been one of the most requested tracks, so we knew that we’d have to do something special with this one to turn it into a modern version of the gem everyone remembers from rFactor and its early multiplayer demo. We’ve experimented with new techniques, added a lot of details and made sure that virtually every asset is at least one step up from anything we’ve done before — that includes a tweaked (and properly dressed!) marshal model with larger flags for better visibility. Oh, and we’ve also added a twisty Medium rollercoaster layout for fun (with reverse layout, of course).


It wasn’t all plain sailing though. The original track came with the typical issues of its time: unrealistic object scaling, a pedestrian bridge leading to nowhere, and the iconic water tower at the lowest point. Even though this is a scratch-built track, we have tried to stay rather faithful to the original version.

In our compact simracing world, Toban Raceway Park probably contains more history than most modern Grand Prix venues, so, to all of you who have made and written that history: Welcome home

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